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Selection Week


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Hello ladies and gentleman. I am set to select out of Whiting in a couple months. I have been told that there are only 3 herc slots and 5 jet slots remaining for the fiscal year by STUCON, but some officers also say that it doesn’t matter.

Does anyone know the definitive answer? I know selection is all based on needs of the service and your performance, but I am just curious how it works. I would be beyond grateful to fly at all, but would just like a chance at my top two. Sorry if this is beat to death, or if this is disrespectful/pretentious in any way. Thank you.
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It doesn't matter. Bloom where you're planted. You're an officer first, so take care of the people you work for. Develop a community with your squadron. If you do these things, I promise you'll be happy.


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I never realized the degree in how much it can ebb and flow, even within two months. I’ll put in good effort to finish strong and hope for the best.