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SEAL Officer to Pilot


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TBH, 6 years puts you in a tough spot. Zero to wings is ~2.5 years for helos/MPRA, more for jets. You'd be maybe just showing up to a fleet squadron when you're getting looked at for LCDR.
You'd be surprised how many people who were hungry enough made it work. Although not a NA, I went through Flight School after 19 years of service. The normal career path and career gates don't apply to those that are chasing something bigger . . .


Per Diem Mafia
A buddy who was an army Special Forces officer (O-3) had the same idea. He was told “no” so he left active duty, joined the Army National Guard to fly as a Warrant Officer and then applied for and was accepted to fly for the 160th SOAR. He is about to retire as a CWO4 and has zero regrets.
Guess I was wrong in thinking that you absolutely need prior flight hours to be competitive in the guard/air guard environment. I'd be lying if I said I didn't think about how I could move from the back of the plane to the front myself (Navy is out of the option due to dumb anthro requirements for multi pipeline eligibility).

Wish you the best of luck. Must be a hard decision for someone from a tight nit community like the teams.


You’re young enough to go Guard. Start putting feelers out for potential units now in case the Navy redesignation doesn’t work out.


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Have nothing productive to add here other than to say good on you and good luck. As much as I love my job, being a SEAL would be incredible, and I'm sure most here feel the same way. But after ... let's say ... my less than stellar performance in aviation water survival, let's just say I think I probably made the right choice ... all the best.