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Pensacola House for Sale


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I'm PCSing and selling my house. Great location on the edge of East Hill, fairly easy access to everything (I average about 30min to Whiting every day). Pictures in the link are from the original listing, but I haven't changed anything except replace the palm tree in the yard with a lemon tree.



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Having finally ended that nightmare called being a landlord, I am selling my house in Milton. I won't shill on and on, but I would love to deal with someone from that our big dysfunctional Airwarriors family, many of whom are going to Whiting, only 20min from this lovely home.... Say you read this on Airwarriors and get a 10% discount (well, maybe not 10%, but we'll work out something). :icon_zbee
By 10% do you mean 10% more? 😃


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