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nhl playoffs

Mr. Blonde

My ass is a motherfuckin' champion
Indeed a great win!!! I'm enjoying a nice cigar and a glass of fine champagne but still wish it could've happened last game, there's nothing like winning it at home (especially if I'm there :D)


Well-Known Member
In spite of the fact that I was going for Detroit to lose, I'm glad they won on the road. It was nice to see booing (especially of Bettman) and yawning as the Cup was passed around to the enemy players.


Agent of Averageness
I'm sad that the Bolts didn't make the playoffs this year. Jon Cooper is a class act.

And Go Caps!
Honestly I am surprised the Bolts didn't, I was fully expecting them to early in the season. My boyfriend is a Caps fan, I'm a Flames fan! Can we just agree wholeheartedly that playoff hockey is the best thing ever? The electricity! Phew! I have a lot wrong with how game 1 went for us last night, but I will say it was a damn good game! I caught game 1 for you guys, the Caps really brought it back. Them Leafs sure gave you guys a fight for it.