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nhl playoffs

el douge

This one time at band camp...
The game last night was really good. I'm a BIG red wings fan, but it was nice to see the penny's take it and keep the series going. More hockey! I love it!


O-4 Line of sight tasking is real...
i wish i was still into hockey..just havent been able to get into it. my heyday was back in the early 90's when i was a little tyke..all the players had mullets and the montreal canadiens were the best team ( kirk muller , patrick roy)...i even had a few hockey cards...it seemed the early 90's every sport was strong and packed with hall of fame calibre athletes.

Mr. Blonde

My ass is a motherfuckin' champion
Well I flew into Detroit and was at the game Monday night and let's just say I'm emotionally exhausted. Props to the Wings for a great atmosphere, pre-party outside the Joe, and let me say that Joe Louis Arena is an AMAZING place to see a game. I've been a Wings fan all my life and this was my first game in Detroit so I made sure to take it all in. I almost broke down when I walked in the place, I imagine it's similiar to being a die hard Red Sox fan for years and going to Fenway for the first time during the playoffs. I got to meet Gordie Howe and I bought a personalized autographed copy of his book "9".

The game, :)rolleyes:), overall as a hockey fan I couldn't have asked for anything more, as a Wings fan I could've asked for a lot. When they came back and took the lead in the third the place was electric, the last five minutes they took it to the Pens and they seemed to be conceding defeat, skating slow, letting us get to pucks, but when they pulled Fleury we seemed to go into ultra conservative mode and it cost us. Zetterberg had a chance to clear the zone and instead skated with it and was pickpocketed, which prevented us from making a line change for our exhausted forwards and in turn giving up the game tying goal with 35 seconds left. To be that close to watching the cup raised at my very first game and then have it taken away was like being kicked repeatedly in the junk by a steel toed boot. I left the game around 1am in a state of shock, not believing what just happened. The Wings dominated play, and were by far the better team, so I'm still confident they'll pull out the series but in my opinion the following things are what cost us (in order of importance):

1) Fleury - stood on his freakin head in overtime
2) Shitty 1st period - thought about putting this first because if we play the first like the rest of the game we would've shut them out.
3) Putting one in our own net (see #2)
4) Zetterberg not clearing the zone with less than a minute to go
5) The refs - were horrible as usual. Almost every penalty called against the Wings was called by the ref 70 feet away while the ref right next to the play didn't call anything. I can't argue with the Hudler call that iced the game but the phantom tripping, obstruction and goalie interference calls were horseshit. Big surprise it was the notorious Wings hater O'Halloran, who was shot in Detroit when he was 19 and almost died (and is lucky he didn't get shot again the other night).

Overall, GREAT experience, shitty outcome. Here's to wrapping it up tonight! I hope the Wings shook off the loss better than I did and don't come out too tired. I took some good pics, I'll post a link to photobucket later when I get home.
Mr. Blonde,

Glad you enjoyed your trip to the D and to the Joe. It's nice to see some positve comments from first time visitors...

Your observations are spot on wrt to Fleury and the refs. TWO goalie interference calls in OT are a tad much, and O'Halloran has a nasty reputation as a Wings hater.

Also hats off to the Pens, who could have rolled over after giving up the two goal lead in the third. Looking forward to Game 6 tonight! The Wings do not want to come back home for a game 7. So far, a good as a final as there has been in awhile.


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Yah, if you can call it that. I still carried to class if I was walking home after dark.

GMI and "triangle" between there, the hospital and the park is OK. Go one block past GMI on 3rd, and you are in the ghetto.
Overall, GREAT experience, shitty outcome. Here's to wrapping it up tonight! I hope the Wings shook off the loss better than I did and don't come out too tired. I took some good pics, I'll post a link to photobucket later when I get home.

Hang around. Maybe you can get a ticket to Game 7.:D


You guys are right, Fleury was Superman in OT. I repeatedly found myself thinking "OK this guy's not human."

I don't have a dog in this fight - I'd rather see the Pens win, but I'm all about watching some great hockey, and have not been disappointed in this series. Here's to game 6 tonight, and hopefully a game 7!