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Military AND a musician? Interested in your experiences!


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Very nice! What kind of multi-effects board is that? I messed around with a Boss GT-1000 not long ago and was super impressed, for the price tag I suppose I should be. Agree on modeling amps, for the money the Katana is one of the best amps out there.
That’s the foot controller for the Kemper. I can trigger stuff in the rest of the rack with it if I’m playing through one of the heads via the TC Electronics G Major.


It’s a Kemper, and it is amazing. I’ve been a tube amp guy forever, but I mostly play through the Kemper now. I can go from Marshall to 5150 to Mesa to JSX all seamlessly. It’s an incredible machine.
:eek: Didn’t even notice the Kemper in the rack, that’s a dream piece of gear right there! That’s a drool worthy rig for sure. If you like nerding out over gear, I highly recommend thegearpage.net forum (although it’s a huge time suck). Gearslutz.com is also great for the audio engineering side of things.


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Nice, love the jackets! Don't know about the brass but that Strat and SG Bass would fetch some serious $$$ these days, probably the last thing on those guys' minds at the time. Bonus: my brother lives in Frederick, I grew up in Bel Air.
Oh yeah. My Selmer Mk VI tenor sax would easily go for at least $5000 today. I paid a $hitload for it back in the early 80s ($800).


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Is that one of the new acoustic teles? That JM is rad, you're clearly after my own heart here. Great collection!
No, it's the old school fiberglass top beat to shit telecoustic that I deployed with.

I built the Jazzmaster from just a body and neck and wired it up...It has an overwound Gibson PAF in the neck and a Duncan JB in the bridge. The roller pots over the pickups roll back one of the coils to a single coil output. It screams.