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Laptop Buying Advice


Former H-46 Driver
Regardless, SSD and 16GB RAM is a great start to future proofing any new purchase.

Mac / Windows is pure Coke/Pepsi. Build quality and screen quality are key imho.


Self aware since 2014
I've heard a lot of great things about the XPS 15 but some of the reviews I've been reading online about the latest model haven't been very good. It sounds like the build quality isn't quite there. Both laptops have USB-C and Thunderbolt connectivity.

Also, I'm still debating dual vs quad core. Right now I'd be fine with dual core but I'm wondering about 3-4 years from now?

If you have the money go quad core. At the very least you won't worry that you bought the wrong thing 3 or 4 years from now.


Will fly for food.
All good info. I'm not doing any gaming or any video editing so the dual core is fine for now, but like you said Swanee, it's the long term I'm concerned. The only game I'd really be wanting to play is Half-Life 3, so I guess I won't be playing any games then...

I'm going to see both in person again this weekend then pull the trigger.