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Hello ladies and gentlemen, I promise this is not a % chance question. I have looked up the mission requirements for both the fighter and hercules platform for the USMC, and like both, although they are very different. I have tried to search the forums and google, but haven't been able to find an answer.

Which platform is able to travel more? I have talked to the pilots at VT31 and they have all said they have gone to numerous countries. I haven't been able to find a jet pilot to pick their brain on. Is it true the Herc goes to more places?

Which platform is healthier? I have heard that jet pilots fly study a ton and fly once a week (sometimes none at all?) whereas Herc pilots get the most hours, second to Ospreys. However, I have also been told that all communities in the USMC fly roughly once a week.

Any other insight for these two platforms would be greatly appreciated. I just some more info for my dream sheet.

Thank you everyone,


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If you are looking to fly fast and drop bombs go with the jets. the jets and the bombs are not going to get very far without the Herk.