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IWC Board 2 DEC 2019


New Member
Prepared my application for Intel December 2 board date.
My recruiter notified me today that the December board was cancelled so I'm being moved to January. Anybody else get this update?

Age: 30
OAR: 57
GPA: 3.69 / Major: Sport Industry / Minor: French (Bachelor's Degree from Ohio State)
No prior service
LORs: 1 from Army O-3, 1 from Aviation Instructor, 1 from MLB GM
Background: Worked for 3 MLB organizations (Interpreter role with 2 of them)

Seems like there are a lot of strong, qualified candidates in this thread. Hoping I can join you all and start my career as an Intel Officer asap!
If his info happens to be correct about the December board being moved to January, does anybody know if people who submit their packages far enough in advance of the January date (for scheduled March board) would be considered with those for the original December board? I didn't see anything in other moved board posts previously and my OR was unsure.