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IWC Board 2 DEC 2019


New Member
Wanted to get a thread started for those targeting the December 2nd IWC Pro Board since I didn't see one while searching around the threads. It looks like all or at least some of the IWC boards for September were cancelled so this December board should be a little more intense.


New Member
🙋‍♀️ok, checking in since the RUMINT was confirmed by my recruiter: No board for Septemebr. December will be my second round.


New Member
This will be my first board. Got a 39 on OAR, so I will be retaking it in a month. Unfortunately none of the material that I studied for the mechanics part of the exam was actually on the exam and I found myself guessing on some questions...


New Member
I am shooting for this board date currently, this will be my first, and hopefully only board. Going for CW/IP and have a background in Enterprise Network Engineering. Unfortunately im slightly too old at 35 for other communities or i might try swo too as being an officer is more important to me overall.