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IP LDO(682X)

Joan Ayala

New Member
Is there any forum IRT IP LDO(682X) in here?
I've looked around but no joy. Maybe I don't know how to navigate the website!!
I'm looking for questions that can be ask in any LDO board interviews. If anybody can point me in the right direction I'll appreciate. TIA.


Pro Rec IP
You're in as good a spot as any to ask the question.

While I haven't been through an LDO board interview, I've been through multiple OCS 1820 board interviews. Every single OCS board interview asked a version of the question, "Why do you want to be an Officer?" I can't tell you how important the answer to this question is. If you can answer this confidently and sincerely, it will speak volumes at the board interview(s).

Beyond that though, I don't believe I'll be much help. I would point you towards being knowledgeable about the discrete requirements (https://www.mynavyhr.navy.mil/Caree...cer/Active-OCM/LDO-CWO/Applicant-Information/) for 682X. Know where you are potentially lacking on the discrete requirements, and where you're strong. Do some basic review of the sections you're weak on. Know what the career pattern for a 682X looks like, and what kind of platforms you'd be expected to serve on. I'm sure there are other good pieces of advice that others can offer though, as I've not actually conducted or been through an LDO board interview. I would hazard a guess that there will also be more technical questions involved.

While I never received this advice, I understood it before going into my interviews. Don't try and talk your way through a knowledge area that you don't know. 682X's and 1820's (what 682X's eventually off-ramp into) are going to be able to sniff it out if you're talking out of your league. They have years worth of experience to draw upon, and even they would be willing to admit when they don't have the experience or knowledge off-hand to fall back on when answering a technical question.

Hopefully this at least gives you a direction to move forward with!


Active Member

6820 Update: 6820 LDO sundown is not official until a NAVADMIN is released, however, we anticipate FY23 being the last board. Information Warfare Community values enlisted experience, as such, we anticipate an increase in CWO billets and have adjusted the draft OCS PA to allow applicants to apply with up to 10 years prior TIS.