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E-2/C-2 Life?

Max the Mad Russian

Hands off Ukraine! Feet too
Things that make me go "Hmmm...".

Nevertheless, that was true. If one interested in career first and only then in some wargames riding some mighty machines over or beneath the waves, the Russian navy offers many slots for shore duty from ensign to captain. Not staff corps, not RL, just several trades. My own, "communication means", allowed near half of my class did just so - shore comm centers and staffs from the beginning. You cannot reach flag rank without time at sea, but who cares if your best ambitions are just O-6 with full pension? Moreover, if that communication installation is located on Kamchatka Pen, you will have twice time rate (year for two) and the same income that classmates who went submarines.
Or small combattant, in our case really small - a corvettes. There are five or six officer billets on a guided missile corvette of Russian navy, and no one of them is of comm trade (i.e. all: radio, crypto, nets and so on). So as the corvettes organized into divisions (four to ten ships), there is small division staff, where the dividion's comm officer has the O-3 billet. He is not in the ship's company, he is staff officer, but somtimes went to sea to qualify the crew, for a week at best, and no overseas deployments at all. Four years there, then a staff of a brigade, similar job but O-4 billet. Then a staff of a squadron, O-5. And a senior faculty officer in some naval college, O-6. That is a typical career of some SWO types from the Soviet time. There isn't such thing like "patriotism", just a career in the navy. A lot of pragmatists are there, indeed.

Max the Mad Russian

Hands off Ukraine! Feet too
What are Zampolits (политрук) called these days?

CO's Assistant for Personnell Affairs. PKRLS in Russian. Fuckers are of the same rank - an O-5s on cruisers and destroyers, O-6 on a carrier. Report to CO and equal to XO in authority, except for the GQ condition (then XO doesn't give a fuck to "personnell affairs")
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Max the Mad Russian

Hands off Ukraine! Feet too
How's with internet connectivity on the Russian ships, or does the CO's Assistant for Personnel Affairs control that as well?

No internet access to Russian warships at sea except the one united ship's mailbox. And yes, all the emails received are to be disturbed by this fucker, except for those for Senior officers. As all the satellite links to a ship are military ones, no enclosed pictures or video/audio files, just text only. That is why the Russian crews are extremely keen on to have a mobile phone sim-cards of national operators which provide the unlim mobile data Internet when the ship is off some shoreline - then everyone is switching his smartphone (mostly Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei or alike models, all Android-friendly) on and gathering all missed info from families and news. Despite that some security policy to prevent this exists, actually no one cares. Personal satellite phones are forbidden, though.
On the submarines worse: no Internet to submarines at all, even surfaced close to a home base - it's a law.