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Dog Raises Boy Until Age of Seven

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Next guy to ask about thumbdrives gets shot.
I can see this kid 10 years from now... "Was I raised by wolves? Well... kinda."

Siberian Mowgli imitates animal behavior

A seven-year-old boy raised by a dog was found in the Zmeinogorsky district of the Altay region (Siberia) three weeks ago. The mother abandoned the boy when he was three months old. His father was an alcoholic; he left to another town and never thought about the son again. The house, where the family lived, was situated in a desolate area. The only living being, which could take care of the little boy, was a watch-dog.

The boy is currently staying at a local hospital. Doctors named the boy Andrey. They say he is not willing to communicate, he imitates the animal behavior. The boy moves on his hands and knees, bites doctors" hands, and always sniffs his meals before eating.

Doctors examine the child, trying to find out if the boy can study and live like a normal human being. In case of a positive answer, Andrey will be sent to a conventional children's shelter. If doctors come to a negative conclusion, the boy will have to go to a special institution, Interfax reports.

Other children, meanwhile, stay away from Andrey, they call him a wild boy. For the time being, the child befriended only one girl - they communicate in the language of gestures. Doctors note, the boy's behavior is unpredictable with strangers, although aggressive outbreaks are becoming less frequent.

Nothing has been reported yet about the fate of the dog, which raised the child until the age of seven.



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They should just quit the testing and let the kid go back and live with the dogs. Afterall, the docs might offend PETA...

El Cid

You're daisy if you do.
IT'S A TABLOID... didn't actually happen. It's like the bat-boy or Elvis on the moon.
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