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Care packages


Hypertension Anyone?
You guys are great! I'll make sure I keep the boxes well-packed.

He does read a lot. I also sent some of the Uncle Johnny Bathroom Readers for the "head". People always ask why guys are so good with trivia... I think it's directly related to time spent doing ... uh... "research".

Thanks for the PM =skidkid. I'll pass it on to my husband, and you're right, that would be something that falls under his control.

Merry Christmas and thanks for the tips! :xmas_125:


Helo pilot wife
My husband is currently deployed and I've been scouring the web for care package ideas too. I'm running out of ideas and we've just passed the half-way point so thanks for your thread! :)

To add to what BlkPny said about flat rate boxes, I called the Post Office and had them send me the free "military care kit." It's a huge box of everything you need to send packages, I think there are 8 flat rate boxes and an additional 4 regular boxes, customs forms, address labels, and priority mail tape. I can't recall the phone number but I'm sure if you do a search on the post office website for military you should find it with out a problem.

Merry Christmas!

Harrier Dude

Living the dream
Copenhagen snuff from the States is like GOLD on the ship or in Iraq. I don't know if he dips (and am sure that you wouldn't want him to), but in the interest of full disclosure, a roll of Copenhagen is almost like cash. Maybe better.

My mom would never send me any, but then again, I know some moms who did. Whatever you send, he'll appreciate it.