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DD-214 in hand and I'm gonna party like it's 1998
Which countries haven’t grounded it?
The Principality of Sealand and the Duchy of Grand Fenwick are two that come to mind.

(I just noticed I made it all the way through 2018 without making a Sealand reference on here.)


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Related: idiocracy, illustrated:

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I really don't see the idiocy in that statement. He was honest that it was done because Americans were scared and lacking confidence. Sadly, public emotion and perception is the root of many high level decisions. Trump hardly is the only one to peddle in it. Can there be anything wrong with observing that it was a terrible tragedy, Boeing is a fine company and they are working on a solution?
Thinking about buying some stock in Boeing. Mainly looking at the fact that it is trading at half of what it was a year ago, and that it's earnings seem remain unaffected. Anybody have any opinions about new products coming out, and how it might affect the company's future?
Although Boeing may seem like a good “deal” it’s never good to invest on a bargain (based on my experience and trading rules). Boeing has some decent fundamentals: 3yrs sales growth, EPS current year. But faulters in many different areas: Current quarterly earnings, Acc/Dis, current Q earnings. Over all it outperforms 87% of all major market stocks. Stay away from stocks on a slump because they could go lower, aka Facebook. Final note, if you have to ask for opinions, don’t invest, do the research. Never trust people’s opinions on what’s good or not, that’s rule #1.


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Question: Am I misguided in thinking that airline pilot unions are strong enough that if they believed that there was a fatal flaw built into an aircraft that they would be the ones asking to ground them? I don't have the background to have a fully informed opinion on the 737 MAX, but since the pilots have the most exposure to a potential problem, they would be the most vocal about getting it fixed.


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Idiocracy, part 2:
Trump knew so much about aviation that he managed to turn a once profitable shuttle route into a bankrupt failure in less than three years. He wouldn't have bought 737s because he wasn't in a position to buy any aircraft that weren't part of the original deal, as he assumed ownership of Eastern's legacy 727 jets.