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Blue to Green


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I am currently up for orders for my shore tour as a Navy LT. Everything looks pretty undesirable in my eyes. I don’t want to sound ignorant or ungrateful for what the Navy has given me but I’m exploring other options including the Blue to Green Program and was looking for a little advice.

So far what I could find is that if you have OBLISERV (never heard of this term before, in MILPERS 1800 - 081 it eludes to the 8 years after getting winged falling under this) you are not eligible. Other resources and .mil websites say that it is possible to conduct the inter-service transfer and move your contract to another service.

Honestly, I have been thinking about making the switch for a while but the path I was on with the Navy, I was content with. The time sounds like it is now. If it is possible, the 3 years of additional service would fall concurrently within the remaining 4 years that I have. Regardless of the downsides, I would be willing to become a Warrant Officer as well. I might actually be more willing to become a Warrant Officer.

Everything I’ve read says I’m elligible except for the OBLISERV. Does anyone have any additional insight into this process or even completed this process? Potentially a waiver for the OBLISERV to be carried out in the Army?


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Go over to Baseops.net and ask your question (use the search function and look for your answer first before asking, you have been warned). Plenty of these type of questions being asked and some pretty smart Army drivers over there to answer. Be warned, grass not always greener on the other side... just more grass.


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Call your detailer. You need a conditional release waiver from PERS for your winging commitment, to which they’re (as of 2017ish) not granting. You can always ask though. I believe PERS-actual is the final decision, although it might be somewhere else.

A few friends of mine did Coast Guard DCA on waivers before they clamped down. Even HSM/HSC, with all their bodies, is having manning issues. Lotta people not on the DH select list ended up getting slated.

If it’s something you really want, you’re likely going to have to get to your disassociated sea tour, drop your letter, and do it from there.


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I saw that NAVADMIN in 2017. The chances don’t look good, especially for me in the Romeo community. Sierras aren’t as bad, I actually had a friend of mine just get picked up for the Growler Transition.

For anyone else interested in this process, the first step is to get a signed conditional release form from your CO, send it to PERS, and get released under the pretense that you’ll commission in another service like Synix said. Wish me luck!


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Might behoove you to rework your thought process, you need to make sure there's a vacancy in the service you want to go into. Otherwise you're gonna burn bridges unnecessarily, unless you've already let the cat out of the bag.

If you're working your release from the Navy, you have to do it through NSIPS and ultimately the Deputy, Chief of Naval Personnel will sign your conditional transfer paperwork.

If you're looking at the Air Force, I recommend you start here. https://www.afpc.af.mil/Career-Management/IST/ PM me if you have more questions, I have some gouge on the Air Force process.

I'm ignorant on the Army's process.

Good luck.


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Another COA :

You could use the nuclear option and send in a termination of flight status letter to PERS. It's immediately-enacted, makes you a 1300, and lets you be released for redes. You still have to serve your MSR, but are no longer required to remain in aviation. Your detailer should know if it'll allow you to be released for inter-service transfer.