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August 25th Supply Board


New Member
recruiting school for the AF, well I am sure you will be able find a place to take the OAR either during that time or when you get to where you are going.

On a side note, each place I have been recruiting do you know who some of the best USN recruiters are? USAF recruiters, probably just a string of coincidence but every USAF recruiter around where I have been treated applicants and their parents like crap, then they came to us, so treat your applicant nice.

I assure you that will not happen with me Sir. The AF, or the military in general gave me a chance in life. I will reciprocate it by giving the same chance I got to others. I know there might be some hurdles with the quota system and the entry delays being really backed up, but I will never devote less than 100% to a serious applicant that qualifies.