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And . . . . . . . the same lowest cost bidder that made/makes those plates, also makes those white, rectangular boxes that your meal sometimes comes in. The strength is only fractionally better than the plates, and provides an illusion of rigid durability that can withhold whatever the galley stuffs into them and can be stacked 10 or 12 high, waiting for the unsuspecting aircrew to load them onto the A/C. Ultimately and inevitably, the bottom fails, releasing whatever contents were inside, all over your lap, into your helmet bag, or anywhere else inconvenient at the time . . . .
Rectangular boxes were for the higher class. The People of the Navy on frigates made do with aluminum foil, which not only helped (albeit fractionally) with containment, but also obscured the fact that all that was on said plate was said knife. Boxes were too expensive for those of us on the People's ship.

Obviously you must have only experienced the Czar's life, on those fancy DD/DDG/CGs. Qapla! Wait, I think we might have taken a wrong turn there at the end.

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Wait, you could get someone, ANYONE, to come out and give a disclosure brief? Now I know this story is made up.
We belonged to a high vis joint command. They took it very seriously.

It probably helped our senior U.S. officer in the mission was an Army full bird Green Beret with a lot of pull and contacts at Ft. Bragg. That’s were the guy came from to brief us.
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