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15 August 2021 OCS Class


It's a lot of questions lol, because my command does not know anything about this process. but more so about the orders, the checklist, and how do I know if ill get O1-E?


Student Naval Aviator
Hey everybody, just got rolled into this class. You guys have a groupme? My old class had one and people were able to share some good info. I could make one if we need to. Are we class 19-21 or 20-21?
The class numbers don't go that high. A class convening on 15AUG21 would probably graduate in late October, so you guys' class # is probably 01, 02, or 03-22.

Ghost SWO

Well-Known Member
I'm a month out (they rolled me to the next class) I think we would all appreciate a data dump of what you can tell us lol
Yeah, that's definitely in the works. I've got notes from journaling through my experience at OCS, it's just a matter of transcribing that into objective material/gouge that's easily digestible and understandable since most here on AW don't have any context or prior service experience to relate to.