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  1. Hammer10k

    Consolidated Advice for Primary

    Just finished Primary and wanted to consolidate the advice I got from the Sirs and Ma'ams on Airwarriors, past threads, IPs, students in the pipeline, etc. Part I – Pre-Primary Read “Moonwalking with Einstein” by Josh Foer if you’re a reader. It’s about memorization. The better you are at...
  2. sharkbait1

    1 Bed avail 7/1 in a 3BR House - Milton, FL

    Looking for a 3rd roommate in our 3 bedroom house in Milton, FL starting July 1st. The house is near Whiting Pines off base housing and is only a 15 minute drive to Whiting main gate in the morning. Close to multiple grocery stores and Walmart/Target etc. We are both in HT advanced, and can...