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reserve retirement

  1. bazooka_matt

    New Fed Employee Soon to Commision in the USNR. Do I Buy Back My Active Duty Time?

    Greetings I am a former AT2, 4 years active duty, a new federal employee (started in Nov 16’), and I have been accepted for commission into the USNR’s EDO program. I am waiting on my COMDOCS now. My question is: Is there a negative effect on my military retirement, in the USNR, if I buy back my...

    Crossing the finish line... running, walking or crawling... (Reserve Retirement Process)

    For me it was a crawl at the end, having dropped from SELRES to IRR the last couple of years, but I finally crossed the finish line with 20 good years and 5K+ pts. The last several years were painful, dealing with lots of the retirement points locked behind CAC firewalls and the typical...