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lateral transfer

  1. socalsomeday

    Path to becoming a pilot

    This is my first post here so please bare with me. I am aiming to commission through OCS as a pilot. I took the ASTB yesterday (59 6/5/7). My recruiter said that, unfortunately, the mimimums for SNA were recently upped and I am one point short (6/6/X). Since this was my second ASTB, he...
  2. S

    Chances of any lateral transfer (but more specifically to OCEANO)

    Okay just a bit of background first: I just sent in my OCS package a couple weeks ago with OCEANO as my first and only choice after finding out the Navy is no longer accepting SWO applicants for this fiscal year (which had been my second choice). Just found out today that I actually don't...
  3. jtorres

    Likelihood of lateral transfer success: RL(Intel) to URL(Seal)

    I originally wanted to apply for the SEAL officer program, but there were a few obstacles that I failed to navigate through. I understood the package was due by the last week of February 2017, and I knew that one of the most significant pieces of the package is the PFT. That said, my last...
  4. 4

    Interservice Transfer (USMC to USN) in Flight School

    I'm a Marine SNA in primary. Due to a variety of reasons, I am interested in an inter-service transfer to Navy aviation. I have become extremely interested certain Navy aviation communities (namely P8s or Growlers... the missions that the Marines aren't really doing), something I wasn't really...
  5. N

    Lateral Transfer from SWO to Intelligence

    Hello all, I am currently in the process of applying to be a Navy intelligence officer. My recruiter was straight up with me and warned me that my chances of getting intel are fairly low, given the nature of intelligence and the fact that I have no prior military experience. I have a B.A. in...