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aviation officer candidate school

  1. H

    Navy Career In Flight Ops/Aviation?

    Hi All, 26 y/o here who is seriously considering joining the Navy as an officer. I went to college and currently work in the defense industry and have had this urge to serve in the military for a few years now. I keep putting it off and now I think I’m too old to do what I’d like to but not...
  2. socalsomeday

    05FEB19 SNA Board

    Hello all! I am starting a thread for all who are applying to the 05FEB19 SNA board because I did not find one already made. Please be sure to add yourself to the googledoc below so we can track who is selected. Good luck everyone...
  3. PilotEngineer

    Aviation Officer Candidate School Program

    I am a sophomore at Cornell University majoring in mechanical engineering. I plan to graduate with at least a 3.2 GPA then I will continue to do my one year's masters in Aerospace Engineering also at Cornell before applying for OCS. I've already started taking flight lessons and I am projected...
  4. xcinman

    OCS What can I do to better set myself up for the application process?

    What can I do to personally set myself up for a better chance to gain acceptance into OCS based on what I have done with myself thus far in my life. My interest is in Aviation, or potentially Intel. I am not dead set on a branch, so any advice there would be nice! While I know that there are...
  5. Ventus

    More Delays - Story time, board frustration.

    Good Afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen, It's been awhile since I've posted here. Unfortunately I'm still chasing that flight spot, but I've come a long way. Some background: Was in AFROTC in college. The year I was supposed to go to Field Training, my Det said they were only sending Language and...
  6. First Sergeant

    AOCS Book Written - The Pressure Cooker: Forging Naval Officers Through Marine Leadership

    After 4 yrs. of effort a book of Drill Instructor stories has been written and published. 540 pages of Marine Drill Instructors training future Naval Officers at Pensacola from 1947 - 1994. 240 stories in all written by the Naval Officers who endured the pressure of Marine Corps drill...