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  1. B

    USN Are younger applicants preferred over older ones when becoming a naval aviator?

    As I'm probably not gonna get my US citizenship any time soon.
  2. M

    October 19 PA (Age Waiver)

    Hello all, I just read the October 2019 PA for NFO and it looks as if the age req. has changed to 32. It mentions a waiver in section 5 but does not mention age waiver specifically. I am a active duty E-6, 33 years old. Has anyone seen further guidance on an age waiver or able to tell me where...
  3. Aceleo

    Navy Pilots max age limit increased to 32?

    My recruiter just called me yesterday telling me that the max age limit for Navy pilots got increased from 26 to 32. I was on the verge of getting too old to apply as a pilot but this comes as good news for me. I have been scouring the internet to find an official statement on this but couldn't...
  4. Aceleo

    USN Age problem with flight school

    Hi all, Due to some issues with depth perception and getting a LASIK afterward (6-month wait), my application for SNA was delayed about 2 years. But now I am almost ready. Soon I will be submitting my OCS packet for April 2nd board. I am only applying for SNA(Pilot). My scores are 55/7/7/6...