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What does it take to be number one at flight school?

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Air Warriors,
Alpha Company completed FEX 3 last week and we're beginning to see the light at the end of the TBS tunnel. Sunny Pensacola finally seems within reach.
One thing I am curious about with regards to flight school is what the top students did differently than the masses. I understand that hard work is a given.
I would really appreciate any insight on this topic.

PS can we ride motorcycles while at flight school?


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Starting off with good briefs is always helpful. Actually, starting off well in general is a key to a lot of top students’ performance. The reason I say this is because the difference between the highest grades and the average is the biggest at this point, which means it’s easier to differentiate yourself if you do well from the start.

Think of it as a snowball effect: good preparation leads to good briefs and good flights, which in turn lead to a reputation of being a good student, which then leads instructors to give you the benefit of the doubt even if your performance isn’t always top notch.

Having a positive attitude and being able to take criticism is also a good soft skill to have.
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