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USS Fitzgerald collision in C7F


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I didn't even think of the bulb. If the bow hit that far into the ship I can only imagine the damage below the waterline.

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So, a little history, I was the first person on scene with the Porter when she zigged in front of a Japanese tanker (the Otowasan, if I remember correctly) as we were escorting her, and the Amphib she was escorting, through the SOH.

It was very sobering to see the damage done by a fairly glancing blow with a tanker. There were no jokes about the CO being fired, we just wondered how many people died. Luckily, no one did.

I'm worried that is not going to be the outcome here, as the damage looks way worse on this incident. It will be interesting to see and hear the replay next year, whenever it is released, but I hope one of the takeaways will be a revamp of CRM on the bridge.

Stepping onto the bridge of a warship is so much different than the cockpit of an aircraft, and I feel that it shouldn't be that way. Too much ego, too little sleep, and no ability for the junior person with the better SA to offer an opinion without it getting immediately squashed.

SWO's do this to themselves, repeatedly, and it doesn't have to be this way.


I added the audio from the Porter collision to make my point, judging by the hour, aspect, and damage, it looks like a repeat of their mistake.

I really think this should serve as a wake up call to their culture, but doubt it will...

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