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Thread for endless IWAGR bickering

HAL Pilot

Well-Known Member
Seriously Hal, was the purpose of this thread to poke the bear for your own enjoyment? You took your ball and went home, why not just stay there?
I didn't start this thread. I originally responded to a post by phrogdriver in another thread. A mod broke it off into this thread but failed to bring the original post over.


More humble than you would understand
Super Moderator
Maybe so, but I can count on no hands the number of internet personalities I have beef with. You seem to have made some less-than-friends. Probably just a coincidence though.
Really? Because I have people who disagree with me and you have people who disagree with you. Not sure of the difference. Unlike some people here, I'm not here to troll. I say what I think, because we ostensibly tolerate disagreement here, unlike some other sites I can think of.

Maybe someone who's disagreed with me who has way too much emotional involvement with disagreements on the internet and is my "less-than-friend." If they want to put their emotional energy into being angry over an internet fight, they're welcome to do so. If they care to vent, they're welcome to PM anytime. But when I log off, they're out of sight and out of mind for me.