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The Doctor is in! Ask a Flight Surgeon!


Making Recruiting Great Again
Hi, first time post from a longtime lurker. I have a question about bringing new medical information to OCS.

Here's my situation: I went through MEPS in December, was deemed PQ, then prorec-y'd for SWO in March. In February however I noticed a bump on my heel and had it checked out by a podiatrist. He diagnosed it as an asymptomatic haglund's deformity, which is basically a build up of bone on the ankle (runners and hockey players tend to get them). I'm nervous I am going to show up in Newport only to be immediately NPQ'd for a problem that came up post-MEPS. I sent the relevant medical information to my recruiter, who seemed to think it wouldn't be a problem, though I don't think he passed the information on to anyone else. I will have to note the change in my records before commissioning, and that will definitely get some attention at OCS. Does anyone have experience with this type of issue?
I would have your recruiter insist on sending up the medical information. Otherwise it might go back on him for not disclosing information.

As the saying goes “don’t be the senior guy with a secret”. As for the condition itself, I would check the MANMED (you can google it) chapter 15 and find out yourself.