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Punk's Series


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I think that it would be a good idea to add the Punk's Series to the required reading list. Some of the best fiction books ever written about the life of a Navy fighter pilot. I would recommend them to anyone...


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didn't mean to come across as though I was an fighter pilot. i just like that series of books and was hoping some of you guys out there agreed.


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Mefesto said:
Ya.. I know a bunch of guys that know "Punk" and everyone to a T has said he's a horrible aviator and officer, and that he's very bitter. Bring up his name to a group of Tomcat guys (or at 'Hook) and see what responses you get. Never read the books myself, just over heard some vocal "fans" of his.
hey, don't drag me into this ;)

and yes, I have read the series of books, I didn't think they were too bad

and no, I got my name from somewhere else, so there


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Animal Farm is great.

Read one "Punk" book, back in primary, it was a fun read, but nothing when compared to a literary work like Animal Farm.


Mefesto said:
Ya.. I know a bunch of guys ...... and everyone to a T has said he's a horrible aviator and officer, and that he's very bitter. ......
Funny ... it must run in the breed or be an acquired former NA/NFO/author acquired trait. Don't know "Punk", but I know another (quite prolific) former NA who fits the same description. No names ..... :)


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He gets a bad name because he's vocal about being an NFO and not only a "member of the team" but more like the guy in charge; for example, claiming a certain number of arrested landings. Many pilots don't like that, and they'll ***** about it in high-profile meetings and dinners (sat next to a bunch of them, heard the complaints). The other thing he seems to have done is adopted a lot of the modernized ethics curriculum back at the Boat School, which is way too "touchy-feely" for some hard-line types (and me, it was slightly ridiculous), hence the "horrible officer" label. Never took the guy's class but anyone who hears a young lady from the Philippines Navy talk about cattle prods being used in training recruits...and then says with a straight face "Ok, your callsign is going to be Shocker" in front of a room full of 30 guys can't be that bad, right? Like I said, worst sin has probably been the appearance of "selling out" the Tailhook generation, but I'm not far enough along in any pipeline to claim any knowledge of what this means. Any thoughts, Schnuggapup?


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I don't personally know the Punk in question. Know of him, but have heard nothing terrible. Most likely what you hear is jealousy and book bashing at not having written the story themselves.

You realize every squadron and deployment is a book waiting to be written.



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A4--would that other prolific NA writer be Stephen Coonts, perchance?
Ward Carroll works PR for Bell-Boeing as well. He seemed cool every time I've encountered him. Granted he definitely drank more than his share of the company Kool-Aid, but that's what PR guys do.