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Package Check and Stats discussion

27/F/9yrs AD Marine, Legal Services Specialist

SNA/NFO (hopefully applying/submitting within the next 6 months, whether there are boards or not)

Pursuing BS in Technology, Leadership and Management 3.9 GPA (about 1 year out)
ASTB 6/6/6, OAR 51 (definitely going to retake- had 1 month to study)
3 LORs (Marine BGen, Colonel, LtCol)
Interviews- still pending (locating O4 and above naval aviators/flight officers)
Weekly volunteer service for over a year (and will continue)

All fitreps recommend promotion, latest recommended promotion ahead of peers
Awards: Navy Com., JSA, NAM, NCO of the quarter (back in FY09)
Currently on Instructor Duty
Collateral duties: SAPR UVA, Course coordinator
PFT: 280 and above CFT: 285 Anticipate PRT to be in the 'excellent' category.
No legal issues in military or prior. No speeding tickets, arrests, etc.

CONS: My age! Probably won't make it under the wire for SNA unless the planets align for me perfectly.... I've never felt old until I started looking to apply for officer programs..
Hey guys,

Will be applying for OCS in late 2016 here my package. Let me know what you think!

Applying for IWO
Hispanic Male
IS2 with 5 years service
Evals - EP, MP,P, EP, EP
PRT - E, E, E
Degree - Cyber Security
GPA- 3.0
LORs - Ret O-6, Ret O-5, Ret O-5, Active O-6
Interviews - O-5, O-4, O-4


Active Member
Hello everyone,

Just want to get some feedback on my current stats of my package. I plan on submitting my application in October. Here you go:


Degree: Criminal Justice and Political Science (in progress/junior year)
GPA: 2.78 (had a rough freshman year and switched majors)
ASTB: 56 6/5/5 (first attempt)
Applying for 1st: SNA 2nd: NFO
LORs: NROTC CO O-6 and XO O-5 (was in NROTC for two years but did not receive a scholarship so I was dropped), Deputy Commander of Future Operations for the Pacific Fleet O-5, Port Commissioner (retired Naval Aviator O-5 and summer job boss), current college job boss, and a family friend (retired Naval Aviator 05).

Background: I have wanted to be a Naval Aviator my entire life. I have worked my hardest to do what I can to earn that title. I was in NROTC for 2 years with excellent PT and Eval scores. I have had many awards from high school and NROTC. I am also in great standings with all my current and former employers.
Was hoping to get some feedback on my package! I'm going for a SNA contract and ive been with the officer selection program for about a year (PRK patient).
Major: Marine Biology- 3.2 cumulative
PRK surgery
ASTB: 59/7/7/7
varsity swim/baseball
tons of extracurriculars including club sports, research groups and volunteer hours
3 great recommendations from past employers and professors that i did research with.
2 tattoos, one is a half sleeve
4 speeding tickets, none reckless
I have everything complete, just waiting for boards to convene in April, let me know what you guys think!