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P-38 Jet

HAL Pilot

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Someone fucked up their press release....

Lockheed Martin's Unit Wins $260M Deal to Upgrade P-38 Jet

Defense major Lockheed Martin Corp. 's LMT Aeronautics business division recently secured a modification contract, under which it will upgrade four P-3B aircraft, to support the government of Greece. Work related to this deal is expected to be over by December 2023.

Details of the Deal

Valued at $260 million, the contract was awarded by the Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division, Lakehurst, NJ. Per the terms of the agreement, Lockheed Martin will offer structural mid-life upgrades, tailored-phased depot maintenance, a country-specific designed mission integration and management system as well as new avionics for the aircraft. Notably, the mid-life upgrade will extend the service life of each aircraft by 15,000 flight hours.

Majority of the work for this contract will be executed in Marietta, GA and Schimatari, Greece. Foreign military sales (FMS) funds will be used to partly finance the deal.

A Brief-Note on P-38

Manufactured by Lockheed Martin, P-38 Lightning is a fighter aircraft. It comes with two supercharged engines and a potent mix of four 50-caliber machine guns and a 20-mm cannon.


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Based on how the Greeks treat their antiquities, I fully expect these to be on a stick covered in trash and graffiti about 3 weeks after they take delivery.


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Been to Athens lately? Most everything left would be better off in the British Museum.
The wife is second generation Greek. She bugs be every once and a while about going there to visit uncle Nick or George (there all named Nick or George). I always say you can go.............I prefer Cleveland. I love my in-laws, and they all despise what's happening to Greece.


Retired Strike Pig Driver
Reminds me of the USAF training squadron I used to be in. We had one of those aircraft side-view lithographs of the T-38 that we gave to squadron members who left, and when the T-38A changed to the T-38C, I was tasked with updating the litho.

In addition to modifying the jet artwork, I decided to take a closer look at the paragraph at the bottom describing the unit history. I hadn't ever really read that little text before, but I was surprised to see references in it to this unit -- which had been a photo-reconnaissance unit in WWII and a fighter-bomber training unit in the postwar era -- flying the Douglas Skyknight as well as the NAA F-5.

The F-5 I could sort of understand, as we'd been a T-38 training unit since the early 1970s. It was certainly possible that we'd been a Vietnam-era F-5 unit. But a USN airplane? Just didn't make sense. Of course, you know what they say about stranger things....

So, I sent an email to the USAF historian asking for copies of what he had on file for my unit....and when the package of pictures and unit data arrived a few weeks later, I kicked myself for not having seen it right away:

The F-5 is the photo-recon version of the P-38, which my unit had flown during WWII.

The F-10 is the photo-recon version of the B-25, which my unit had flown in the postwar years.

So, whomever had written this "history" of my unit for this litho had not exactly done their due diligence back in the day.