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New ASTB is being released! PLEASE READ!!!


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More you didn't ask about the new ASTB-E:

APEX (Aviation Pilot Examination)

APEX 4 provides support to the Aviation Selection Test Battery (ASTB) that is used in the selection of Student Naval Aviators (SNAs) and Flight Officers (SNFOs).

APEX 4 consists of seven sections:
-Math Skills Test (MST);
-Reading Comprehension Test (RCT);
-Mechanical Comprehension (MCT);
-Aviation and Nautical Information Test (ANIT);
-the Performance Based Measure (PBM) battery and
-the Biographical Inventory with Response Verification (BI-RV).

The MST, RCT, MCT, ANIT and Naval Aviation Trait Facet Inventory (NATFI) are computer adaptive multiple choice tests.

The PBM is an interactive multimedia test that captures motor skills, spatial ability, reaction time, and multitasking.

Computer Adaptive Testing Capability: The ASTBE consists of five subtests: MST, RCT, MCT, ANIT, and
NATFI. These subtests will all consist of multiple choice questions. With the exception of NATFI, each adaptive test will consist of a minimum of 20 items and a maximum of 30 items from a test-specific item bank. Items administered will depend upon Examinee response patterns. The NATFI subtest is a forced choice, computer adaptive personality inventory featuring multidimensional pairings of personality traits and consists of 88 pairs of questions.

-Performance-Based Measures Capability: The PBM is an interactive, graphic-intensive performance-based
measure. Performance-based tests include: Dichotic Listening Test, Digit Cancellation Test, Multi-tracking Tasks, Vertical Tracking Task, Airplane Tracking Task, and Emergency Scenarios Task.

-BI-RV: The Biographical Inventory with Response Verification (BI-RV) as an un-proctored subtest outside of
the APEX environment, to be completed as a separate testing session from ASTB-E administration. The BI-RV
will be accessible from a password-protected URL external to the APEX system. The password (and URL) will be visible to Examiners upon logging into the APEX system. The BI-RV assesses background experiences only.
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So here is a question for you all. I haven't taken the older forms of the test yet 3,4,5. I am ready and about to schedule them for next week because I have been studying for them with the help from here but talking with the recruiter I'm dealing with, he puts it in terms that I should wait to take the new one because the boards maybe look better for someone that took the new one versus the older one because the new one is supposed to be closer to the real thing. I haven't finished my degree yet and won't til September next year. So my question to you all is, what should I do? Take the older forms because I feel a little more confident with them or do I wait for the new one to come out and take my chances with this new flight simulator deal and maybe not score as well. The recruiter even said it's pretty intimidating and can be overwhelming.

AT1 (AW) E-6, 7 years active duty in December
ASTB: scheduling
AS Electronics Coastline Community College
AS Professional Aeronautics Embry-Riddle completed
BS Professional Aeronautics Embry-Riddle Grad: 1 Sep 14
Evals (chronological): MP, EP transfer, MP.
LORs- (IW)
Appraisal Interviews- (IW)
Awards: NAM, Good Conduct x2
Activities/Accolades: 500+ community service hours (leading), Master Training Specialist, IOQ/SOQ nominations, Instructor Duty.
If you're doing well academically, and your test prep for the old version is easy, I would do the old one. If you're already prepared, but awesome at video games, I would do the new one. No kidding, I think I did well on it because I have played a bunch of video games. If you suck at them, take the old test. Or you can just do what your recruiter recommends; that's rarely a bad idea.
So is it confirmed that you get three more chances if you have already done forms 3,4,5? I take the ASTB on December 2nd, I am just wondering now with the new forms coming out December 9th, if applicants get a couple more shots at the ASTB? (Here's to hoping) :)


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I'm having most of my applicants take the ASTB between now and December 9th, even if they've only been studying for a week or so. They've got nothing to lose when the new version comes out.


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This sounds exactly like the AF TBAS thing. And that test is ridiculous. Chasing completely uncoordinated movements of the 'targets' =/= a good pilot. The movements of the stick and rudder skills required by those of us pilot types are highly coordinated (i.e. right pedal for collective pull or left pedal for power in fixed wing props). So not sure what they think they're accomplishing with this test. They could've just spent this time and money improving the written ASTB with better problems and pictures.
Granted, I don't have THAT much helicopter time, but the last time I did this I spun right pretty quickly!


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I proctored a very similar test made up by the same people for predicting the efficacy of those chosen to drive Firescouts. After discussing the test, taking it just for myself to see how it is, then discussing again with the AEP's, it looks like the thought is that if even one person is denied entry that would have otherwise entered and failed in the pipeline, they will feel that the test is justified (and I would agree). But after taking the test I can affirm that I NEVER in my career have needed to perform anything similar to the "follow the dots while pressing a button with the left hand if the right ear hears an odd number" protocol.
I'm not eligible to retake until December 16th. Forehead slap.

But I only have to worry about the OAR portion.

Good luck to you aviators! How boards select now might be interesting.
Aww man, I just scheduled my test for the 12th of December. Maybe I can change my date since ive been studying for the older versions since August. Should have looked at this site yesterday.


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Aww man, I just scheduled my test for the 12th of December. Maybe I can change my date since ive been studying for the older versions since August. Should have looked at this site yesterday.
Yes, take the test before the changeover.
FYSA, The new ASTB test has you wear headphones and fly a airplane with a joystick; you'll be given emergency procedures and during your flight will have to execute them with your reaction time is graded. You'll be graded on your navigation and understanding of "situational awareness".

I was informed by the officer recruiters locally that with the implementation of the ASTB-4 test, if one is applying for SNA/NFO, the lifetime application limit of three will be restarted.

For example, if one took the old ASTB test three times applying for SNA/NFO, one could now retake the new ASTB another three times.