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LASIK info for NROTC Marine option mids

Hey all! I’ll be entering as a freshman and a NROTC midshipman next fall at Norwich University, hopefully with a Marine Option scholarship if that works out. I currently have 20/80 vision (no other eye problems) and have needed to wear glasses/contacts since I was 12, so I’ll be asking a few questions.

The info seems pretty spread out with the Navy/Marines and LASIK, so I’d just like to get things clarified here, since my coordinator/recruiter doesn’t seem to have much info on it, other than “yeah, you can get your eyes fixed”.
I’m aware that the timeline for a Marine option midshipman is different than ordinary Navy option, so:

How would that fit in with getting a flight physical?
When would be the timeframe that I’ll be able to get my LASIK done?
I’ve saw somewhere that waivers aren’t needed for LASIK, is that true?
If there’s any info that already answers what I asked, can I be linked?

Forgive me for my ignorance on any of these subjects, I’ve used the search bar to the best of my abilities but couldn’t exactly find what I was looking for, so I figured that I would ask. Thanks for any answers and information.


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I don't know, but I would ask your MOI on details and when/how to get it. Be advised as a NROTC MIDN you will be paying out of pocket for it.