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How Formula Intesive is the Mechanical Comprehension Section of ASTB?


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I have several books that I've been using to study for the ASTB and all of them seem to differ greatly in the mechanical comprehension section. Some are extremely formula intensive, whereas others are just simple common sense answers to very basic physics questions.

I guess my question is, will the questions on the test look more like what is provided here: http://www.gouge.navygouge.com/images/ASTB_gouge.pdf

Or am I going to need to memorize all the formulas for different mechanical advantages and what not for the test?

Thank you in advance
I just took it yesterday, and that gouge prepared extremely well! The test I had was focused a lot on the idea of torque and work, and one question did ask specifically what the equation for work was. Other than that, it was more concerned with fundamental ideas rather than specific equations, so I would focus more on that!


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Took it this past Monday and the stuff provided here is freakishly close. Just read, reread, then when you think you know it, reread it again. I only got 15 or so questions or so, and I knew how to solve/answer each one thanks to the material provided here and the book recommendations by the community.


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The link in the original post seems to not be working anymore. Does anyone know where else I can find it?

I can vouch for it as well. It contained everything I needed for the test (taken last week).

During the test there is also a sidebar that has a link for equations. I sadly never clicked on it so I'm not sure what it contains.

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