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How busy are Officer Recruiters?

Generally OR's find a way to work with good candidates, so either your OR is not the best or he feels something in your background wouldn't make you the best candidate, what was your GPA, any med issues?
GPA was 3.34 majoring in Kinesiology, I received PRK back in 2010 (idk if that is an issue) when I was in the Marines but haven't had any issues, also just cleared medical a week ago. Ive decided to just go ahead and fly out there, with thanksgiving and the holidays coming up; my OR didn't seem too excited when I called him on Veterans day but im determined to do my best and see what I am capable of.


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PRK isn't an issue, just need to get the NAMI waiver. I don't remember mine taking long at all, it's a pretty common one -- or it was until they approved LASIK.