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Do you Have to an CE degree?

Steve Wilkins

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bluemarlin04 said:
Quick question, to be a seebee officer, do you need a CE or engineering degree? How does it work? thanks
as an officer...I believe you need a degree in Civil Engineering or Building Construction (some schools call this Construction Management).


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One of the recruiters in my command was telling me about some civil engineering corps conference he had just gone to which opened his eyes about the CEC and seabees. Apparently they are involved with a lot more than people tend to think - and some must be pretty cool, because he was about ready to sign up (if he could - he's a LT in the medical corps). Considering some of the things they do, they may take all types ... maybe a seabee is lurking around this board to fill us in, though.


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You do not need a Civil Engineering degree! Any accredited engineer degree is acceptable, as long as there is a PE test for it you're OK. Lots of the guys @ OCS had MechE degrees.
CEC requires your degree to be accredited by ABET, or NAAB. They are very strict on this rule. My degree is Construction MGMT and is accredited by AIC (American Institute of Consructors) but not ABET or NAAB...therefore I was a no go. I interviewed with the CEC officer and he gave me a thumbs up but it was to no avail. Check out www.cec.navy.mil that site has good information.
othromas said:
Is this going to determine where you want to go to school or what you want to major in?
no, Im a business finance major right now, just always thought the seebees were cool. I was wondering this for awhile.

On a side note, do combat engineer officer in the Marines need a engineering degree also?


bluemarlin04 said:
On a side note, do combat engineer officer in the Marines need a engineering degree also?

No, they use the term "engineer" liberally. The reason the CEC requires an engineering degree is because only 15-20% of the officer billets are with the Seabees. The other two major areas are pulic works and contract management. CEC JOs only get one seabee tour, and more often than not start out in a non seabee billet.

Marine/Army Combat engineers are platoon leaders as O-1s, and the career path takes them to company XO/staff, company commander, battalion staff, battalion XO/CO etc (obviously this doesn't happen all in a row).

Keep in mind that you won't be able to select Marine combat engineer directly. You'll have to go in on a ground contract, then see if you can get it at TBS.


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There was a guy in my company at USMMA that got picked up for seabees. He was a Marine Engineering Systems major. Its an ABET degree so he was good to go.
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Yes, I know this thread is old (over 3 months), but I decided to chime in just to have another person say that the CEC accepts engineers other than Civil Engineering or Building related. I'm Electrical and am with NMCB-14 (Reserves) as CEC. The accreditation does come into play of course, as others haven mentioned.

The job is outstanding (also extremely busy). I've learned a lot being the new Ensign and having CPO's who own their own construction business' take me under their wing to show me the ropes. Never trust the CPO's with your boots, though. I'll be getting them back during the change of command in July.