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DCO Intel Community Gouge (Bonus: "The Long Blue Wait" in FY09)

Thanks all for your advice.

I’m still waiting to hear back from the SE recruiter. My first choice continues to be serving in my best capacity regardless if it is as a 1655 or 1635. Even so, I have to agree that it is MY decision and if I have a shot at 1655 I want to take it and carry on dependant on the selection results. We shall see if I can get him on board towards making this happen within the DEC 18 deadline.

Thanks once more.
bubblehead said:
Get used to waiting... This process is very slow... After MEPS you have to wait on a PQ (Physically Qualified) Letter.

- ~2 - ~3 months from MEPS to receiving PQ (Physically Qualified) Letter

- ~1 month from PQ Letter to receiving Final Select Letter

- ~1 month from Final Select Letter to receiving COMDOCS/Commissioning
I am curious about your length of time (2-3 months) between MEPS and receiving a PQ Letter. Were there any issues with your medical situation? Did you need more tests? Were you waiting on a waiver? Or was your medical file pretty uncomplicated?

I just returned from MEPS and didn't have any issues but I would guess my blood work needs to catch up with my file and someone has to look it over and sign off.

I have only been in the military for about 4 1/2 years but medical file processing, could make watching paint dry, a spectator sport. :sleep_125


Cryptologic Warfare Officer
Shaping the Information Dominance Corps

As you are all aware, the Navy is going through a process of organizing its information-related communities under the Information Dominance Corps (IDC). These communities include INTEL, IW, IP, and METOC. Those of you who have already been selected as Naval Intelligence Officers are part of the first generation serving in the new IDC.

It's going to be a large cultural change, but it also represents the beginning of exciting times. With the standup of Fleet Cyber Command/10th Fleet, the establishment of the IDC, and the creation of the NAVCYBERFOR TYCOM, the Navy is truly acknowledging the importance of the information domain.

But there's a lot of work to do to build this new culture. If you're a part of Facebook, there is a new, informal effort, hosted by an IDC Community Manager (contact me offline if further information is desired), to enhance collective situational awareness and facilitate the development of a common IDC culture. This forum belongs to ALL IDC constituents...please make it your own!

I thought the next DCO Intel Board was to be in July. At least that's what my recruiter told me. July, with commissioning by October. (Keeping my fingers Crossed)


Cryptologic Warfare Officer
I thought the next DCO Intel Board was to be in July. At least that's what my recruiter told me. July, with commissioning by October. (Keeping my fingers Crossed)
The information I'm aware of was that sometime last year when the FY10 boards were being scheduled, the Intel boards were going to be Sep 2009, Jan 2010, and Apr 2010. The Sep 2009 board occurred and selected 57 folks, and the Jan and Apr boards were canceled and combined into a joint Information Dominance Corps (IDC includes Intel, IW, and IP) board, which just occurred last week and selected 31 folks (for Intel, and 11 and 13 for IW and IP, respectively). The next IDC board I am aware of, and the first FY11 board, is scheduled for September 2010...but double check with your recruiter to be sure, as things can always change!

Also, I wouldn't rely on any hard and fast timelines to commissioning before a board even happens, as some folks have taken as little as three months, and some as much as six months or longer (times can vary widely by whether your medical clearance is complete before or after you're selected, whether the security clearance process has been initiated, and other factors).


Cryptologic Warfare Officer
thanks das, how specific are the questions? are they general geopolitics or are they specific persons and politics of foreign states. Thanks
PapaK, it really depends on your interviewer(s). They generally do not get very specific on individual foreign leaders or detailed politics of foreign states...but you'd better be aware of general current events and what's happening in the hotspots and other areas of interest. That said, it's a lot like a job interview: common questions could include things like:

- Why do you want to serve as an officer in the Navy?
- What makes you a good leader and/or manager?
- Does your family/spouse/significant other support your decision?
- How do you feel about being mobilized/deployed?
- What are some of your best/worst qualities?
- What do you think of [major geo-political event]?
- What are your hobbies/favorite books/etc.?
- What has been your best achievement/worst failure?
- ...and some questions more specific to your community, but not expecting you to be an expert.

I've done a number of interviews with Intel, IW, and IP officers, and all have been positive experiences. A couple of the officers tried to ask adversarial questions or challenge me on my responses, to see how I'd react. Just be confident, and try to be prepared for a range of questions, but if you don't know something, just say so...but say you could find out! :)
Hey guys -

Any word on the number of open billets for Intel/IW/IP for the upcoming IDC board. It appears statistically that the selection numbers tend to be pretty high in the fall.
Hey everyone -

I'm in the process of putting together a packet for the intel boards - anybody else out there shooting for selection this fall? Perhaps more importantly, is there anyone who can explain to me what the Information Dominance Corps means in practical terms?


Hmmm. To the last two posters, can I make a suggestion? Do something called "independent research". You are going to be applying for the "Information Dominance Corp"...the word "information" is part of that title. Better yet, the title actually suggests that you should have or hopefully will have the ability to dominate that information. ;)

If you don't have the capacity to do just a little bit of background research (i.e. google "Information Dominance Corp" or "resume template") before asking others for help, then you might be in a bit of a pickle when applying for this board.

My suggestion: take 20 minutes, do some general searches using the usual media and then ask more specific questions that people can actually answer and help you with. You can even do a search on here for resumes and statement help....I know of one very long forum that is specifically designed on this site for that very topic.

Best wishes to both,
Just wanted to see if anyone picked up within the last year or so could offer any pearls of wisdom or stories from there experience? Thanks for the help!
Just wanted to see if anyone picked up within the last year or so could offer any pearls of wisdom or stories from there experience? Thanks for the help!
It's been much longer than a year for me, but these are some guidelines that I find helpful:

1. Prior enlisted folks - don't forget where you came from. Yes, you are an officer, but don't be that guy, the officer that treats everyone as if he/she were some sort of elitist.

2. Non prior enlisted folks - same as above, but remember by the time you've been in 2 years, you'l have about about 48 days of experience, that's barely more than a month and a half. You don't know way more than you do know. Find a mentor, learn from the senior enlisted, and stay in your lane. No one likes a know it all, especially one that doesn't know much.

3. The Navy Reserve can be disorganized, it is a fluid dynamic organization. Don't expect it to be like your civilian job.

4. No one cares how you did it _________ (fill in the blank). Do it the way you're supposed to in the Navy.

Hope this helped.