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NEWS Corpus Island Luxury Townhouse for Rent: June 3


Hi everyone,
My famous townhouse, inhabited by Airwarrior's best and brightest (and at least one of my former FRS students), is once again available (starting June 3)! Why is this great news? Let me tell you some statistics:
-100% of my tenants have received their wings (minus the civilians that have rented it, but I do happen to know that they are not afraid of flying)!
-At least one occupant has gone on to earn a Master's degree!
-One safely egressed from a burning Cobra!
-One has run an 8:45 PRT!
-One has burned a hole in the carpet with an iron! (Carpet has since been replaced)
I digress..
What you need to know is that this BADASS townhome, with a garage, water view and two master suites, is ready for YOU to move into! 2 bedrooms! 2.5 bathrooms! 1-car garage for your ensign-mobile (hey, I had one too, no biggie)! Easy walk or Uber (does Corpus have Uber yet?) to popular watering holes and wild spring break party spots. ONLY $1450/MONTH! (BAH for an O-1 is $927 or $1029 for an O-2 without dependents) You'd be pocketing plenty of your BAH.
This is the place people dream about. You need to email me for photos ASAP or just call my property manager to sign the lease! This one is sure to go soon!
Here are the deets:
You can email me: allyson.scholl@gmail.com
Or call her: Taffy (361) 1 Front.jpg 949-2131


Land of the Milk and Honey.
Dudes. I lived here in primary. I think my roommate is one of her FRS students of which she speaks. She was a superb landlord and the location was great. I absolutely loved doing Primary there and have wanted to get back to Corpus since. Big kitchen, comfortable bed rooms, great A/C, parking was never a problem, great location to walk to the beach or ride a bike around the island... I totally can vouch for this place.