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Best Naval Aviation movies

Wait, what do you mean by "better special effects?"

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I was thinking in particular how they recycled footage from The Battle of Britain and Tora! Tora! Tora!, as well as stock footage, so one of the American dive bombers became a Heinkel He 111 right before it was shot down, Matt Garth's SBD Dauntless became an F9F Panther jet right before it crashed, American battleships can be seen at Midway, etc. Also, on one of the Japanese carriers (can't remember which one) several of the extras are shown moving around when they were supposed to be dead.

Randy Daytona

Cold War Relic
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Based up the St Nazair Raid along the Normandy Coast in 1942, the 1968 film Attack on the Iron Coast. The movie stars Lloyd Bridges - and the whole movie is on YouTube.