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Best Apartment Complexes in Milton/Pace?

So I finally did it! I got accepted to Flight School with the Coast Guard. Big thanks to everyone here who helped me with the ASTB struggle. Now on to the next dilemma... where to live.

Any suggestions on one bedroom apartments close to NAS Whiting?
I might lean more toward Whiting, but if the split is even (Pace?) I might swing that as well.

I'm praying my other half gets the CYPRESS OPs position and we can live together, but we won't know until mid March.


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A lot of dudes live on the west side of Escambia Bay just to remain near society. I know a bunch of people that live in Governors Gate or other apartment complexes alone the northern part of the scenic highway or North Davis. It really comes to how long do you want your commute to the to squadron be? I live in ferry pass near UWF, and my commute to NAS Pensacola was on average 30-35 minutes including gate traffic, but to Whiting its about 45-55 minutes with waiting at the gate for 10-15 minutes.


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Live by UWF in NE Pensacola.

Not many apartments in Pace and only a few complexes in Milton. There is little to nothing to do up by Whiting unless you're into Texas Roadhouse.