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Army Warrant Officer seeking Inter-Service Transfer to Naval Aviation

All the posts concerning how Navy Reserve aviation is structured is very helpful. Sounds very different from the Army Reserve/Guard and the AF Reserve/ANG. They send guys to flight school exactly the same way as the active component does, in fact about half of all the guys I went to flight school with were Guard/Reserve.

As far as th U2 program, I gave a call to the MAJ handling their recruiting program and he said Army Aviators aren’t eligible to apply because the Army’s flight training isn’t compatible with the Air Force’s.


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Agree, that post was helpful. So sounds like you want jets. That will require you to go through Primary and select them. If you can get a Navy commission via the active component (and I'm not smart on how ISTs are handled or how likely they are), then go to Primary, there's still no guarantee you'll select tailhook, although with your background, the syllabus will probably be much easier.

This isn't how the RC assesses people. Yes, there were some weirdo FTS dudes that got picked up in the early 2000's, but that was out of flight school, and it was a one-off program. Like DanMa is saying, the Navy handles the Reserves differently, and just because someone is a "Reservist," it can mean either SELRES or FTS. Both options assess by who is junior most QUALIFIED. There's no reason for the RC to pay for your flight school (which would be Schools ADT, BTW, DanMa if SELRES...although I've never heard of that happening).

However, you CAN apply to Reserve squadrons as a SELRES and then be commissioned and go through the RAG, then fly with that Reserve unit, but it won't be as active duty. I know a couple people who have done that. I suppose you could then apply to FTS from the squadron, but not sure if there's any contract verbiage that would prevent that.

I don't know how the application to FTS works from the Army. It's obviously happened in the past, specifically with -85 (and maybe others), but trying to apply to a RC jet squadron wouldn't be in the cards because of quals. VR might be an option with your background.

Our squadron (and maybe VR as a whole) is moving away from accepting ISTs because of the amount of time it takes from acceptance to getting them flying in the squadron. It's too lengthy of a process.