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Another Skipper Relieved...

You're saying what I said. Have a sense of humor when acceptable. But at least it's clear now you were writing on the basis of miscomprehension. Mistakes happen. It's not a problem.

And sorry boss, I'm not part of any unions. Feel free to bring the rubber hose. I can't make any guarantees you won't find it relocated somewhere inconvenient.
You must be real fun at parties.


Leeroy Jenkins
I think you have no idea what you’re talking about. In the old days we’d just take you out back and beat you with a rubber hose, but now you got your goddamn unions.

Insulting people is why the internet exists. On top of that, it’s a communication tool used the world over where people can come together to bitch about movies and share pornography with one another.

99% of non-essential communication on my aircrew consisted of fuck, marry, kill/would you rather/shit senior chief did in the PI (fun fact: if she’s only into BJs and handies, she’s a dude).

Granted, we had a tight crew, but my guess is that mine wasn’t special in that regard. If someone new showed up, there was generally an observation period and if they let loose with some raunchy shit, it was game on. We still managed to get shit done, too. Wonders never cease.

Things like ‘would you rather jam your junk in a pencil sharpener, or listen to a blowhard know it all who hasn’t been there or done shit tell you how life in the military is supposed to work?’

“What is option a, Alex. I’ll take ‘try shutting the fuck up’ for a thousand’”

Don’t expect a bunch of people who signed up to fuck shit up to act like choirboys when they’re bored. There’s less forced anal outside the choir, anyways.