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So I've begun my application process recently and I'm still not certain about what communities I would want to submit my application to.
My interests based on the research i've done on my own are:
Radiation Health Officer (haven't talked to anyone regarding this)
Crypto Warfare Officer
Information Professional

My recruiter mentioned that I will have the opportunity to submit a packet to 4 or 5 (I don't remember) different boards if I am denied by the previous (which makes order pretty important)
I was told about:

I liked aviation but my vision is absolutely terrible.

I have wanted to join the military since I was in high school, but my parents insisted on me going through college first so I can join as an officer. I have an uncle that was a marine (now a doctor), another uncle that was in the army, God sister who just reenlisted for a second time in the army and plenty of friends in just about every branch (minus coast guard) I was accepted into my Universities ROTC program during my sophomore year but i did not go through with it because it was for the army and I knew I liked the navy the most. I didn't want to settle, but didn't want to transfer schools to a NROTC. There was a point in my junior year where I wanted to drop out and just enlist, but I kept moving forward.
I mainly want to join the Navy to travel, job/financial security and to experience life overall. (i'm very dependent on my parents and super clingy when it comes to my family) I don't want these things to hold me back from 'living my best life'.
I also decided on navy because it's water based so the duty stations won't be in the middle of nowhere ~ haha
I've recently been learning more about ship types and such, I would really like to be on a carrier one day ((i feel like being on a large ship would be a great experience?)-correct me if I'm wrong)), which wraps up this seemingly pointless rant.

What jobs usually are assigned to certain ship types/shore duty?

I was watching a military vloggers (enlisted) youtube and he rambled through how CWOs don't really get assigned ships, are they primarily on sea duty? (this was not the topic of the video, just something that he quickly and carelessly said)

Do SWO's get assigned primarily to destroyers and cruisers?
Do Aviation/pilots have to go to SERE?
What would your top 5 jobs be ?
I have a bachelors in Biology but i'm open to anything.
-Please, take into consideration that I am very ignorant in this area. The only people in the military i have to guide me are/were enlisted and/or from other branches.

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Welcome to AWs. We get a lot of “life story/basic questions” threads on here every week and it doesn’t really do anyone any good. Most of these questions have been asked and answered frequently. Spend some time searching and reading the posts here, especially the stickied threads. If you’re serious about pursuing OCS, you need to speak to that recruiter you mentioned at length. Of the three communities you mentioned, one is Medical Service Corps (which is a whole ‘nother process) and the other two are extremely competitive.
Spend a month or two reading, talk to that recruiter, come back with any more specific questions. Welcome aboard, good luck.
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