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23 May 18 Pilot/NFO Selection Board


I didn't get either of those. At least I don't remember getting them. The only x-rays I remember are for wisdom teeth. @Chairman4Life do you remember if we did anything with chest or back?
There were definitely no x-rays while at OCS. They even noticed that I had minor pectus excavatum and made me do a breathing test instead of x-rays. I don't think that people with more serious issues had an x-ray done either.


meh, worst case scenario, we die.
What is my competitive score? GPA: 3.82, OAR 62, AQR 6, PFAR 5
Easiest way is too look at the spreadsheet of who got picked up and who didnt and their respective scores. The link is near the beginning of this thread, you will have to look. Your OAR and GPA is good, PFAR is remarkably average, so if you can test again to get it higher I would. If you could get a 7 on your PFAR it would make your package muy bueno.