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15 May 2017 SWO Board


Agent of Averageness
Jeezus. Gave me a friggin' heart attack with that "watched board response" email thinking someone got news.
Haha sorry about that! I'm getting antsy.

Same :D
I spoke with my recruiter yesterday and he told me that it could take anywhere from 1-10 days for the results to come out. The wait is definitely getting easier as time goes by.
Yea and RUFiO said 7-10. I just tell myself to relax, that I've got another board anyway.


Making Recruiting Great Again
You need to be in the forum you want to post, it is under alerts.

I would have you look at things other than Supply, your GPA is low for that program and they are highly selective, GPA counts for a lot.
+1. I wonder consider SWO, but your numbers are still very low for that. Best shot to becoming an officer is Pilot/NFO.

I would assess you have a long shot chance at getting picked up for supply. GPA and OAR are just too low.