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In other news, LT Pete Buttigieg, USNR (Mayor of South Bend, IN) made a impressive showing on Meet The Press thus morning....

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^ Not good. We need to do a lot better. This isn’t a partisan thing - it’s a common sense thing.

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There are other ways to do national service.

Pick up litter and paint over graffiti are two for that can be done by anyone.
  • Teacher/teaching assistant at K-8 levels (e.g. Teach for America)
  • Park ranger/ forest service/ rural wildfire fighter
  • Law enforcement assistant (fed, state, local, tribal)
  • Fire/EMS/911 dispatcher
  • Nurse/health care/hospital admin
  • Government civil agency administration
  • Courtroom administration
  • Government-led industrial projects (e.g. TVA, AmeriCorps, Army Corps of Engineers, BLM, shipbuilding jobs, DoD and EPA polluted site cleanup)
  • Peace Corps
All of those could be part of a national service system that provides jobs, income, and preferential student loan forgiveness, home loan rates, etc. Not to the level of military veterans, but something to help lower income young people get a path upward in life. You could offer one tier of jobs at age 18-25 for HS/GED holders, and another tier at age 22-30 for BS/BA holders. You could offer them the option of serving 1 or 2 years at each tier, for a max service cap of 4 years to receive max benefits. Certain skilled jobs would require a 2 year commitment but would come with job training. Eligibility requires criminal background check and fingerprinting. Etc.

It could also be part of an accelerated pathway to citizenship for Green Card holders.

Randy Daytona

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No bone spurs and would be the youngest president. Oh and he speaks like 5 languages. First presidential candidate to post on AW?
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From the LA Times, it seems as if the mayor would like to eliminate the electoral college and expand the Supreme Court.
A shift to the left pulls Democratic candidates in different directions for 2020

Meanwhile, there are those who are discussing if Bernie is to the 2020 Democratic Party the same as Trump was to the 2016 Republican Party.
Stop Sanders’ Democrats Are Agonizing Over His Momentum

It is going to be a very interesting primary to watch.