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USA Politics Thunderdome


VS NFO. Blue and Gold Officer
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@Spekkio you are mistaken. I do not defend Kavanaugh because he is a Republican. Quite the contrary, I defend him because he has a USA after his name. The left is quick to claim it was no court of law because Dr Ford could prove nothing. But we should all agree that an American citizen deserves the right to be assumed innocent and confront his accuser, especially in a public government forum. And the accuser has the burden of proof.

I don't think Ford lied about the assault, just that she is mistaken about who did it. But she was proven to have lied about other things.

Treetop Flyer

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I get it, Justice Kavanagh has an (R) after his name so you have to defend him. It's much more likely than not that Ms. Ford is telling the truth. However, the key point is that her claims can't be substantiated; she doesn't have to necessarily be a liar on top of that. If we could move past jumping to that conclusion, this whole debacle wouldn't get nearly as heated.

I disagree that Dr. Ford will be a hero to anyone except her close circle and maybe some bra-burning feminists.

False accusations of rape and sexual assault occur, and I never claimed otherwise. However, they are very rare...the perception is that they are common because it makes headlines anytime it happens.
Dr. Ford is a liar. I can’t say for certain she is lying about the sexual assault, because her accusation is far too vague to be dismissed with an alibi. But she lied repeatedly about other things related to her accusation.


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Yeah I'm not seeing anything except an article originating from some odd website called trofire.com which links to this... Thing is, it just mentions run of the mill political donations/lobbying that everyone does.


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Nikki Haley Busted Taking Kickbacks From Donors
What is this supposed to mean?

Also, AW Pro Tip: Weighing in like this on American politics is generally regarded as poor form - especially coming from an allied nation.

Scott Morrison busted with aboriginal love child!! (many people are saying)

See - not cool.


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@ brett and treetop
I was surprised to see the ethics on the $25k the day before she gives notice. I thought she was one of the good ones. I would have thought poorly timed with 3 weeks to go. There had to be a reason why it couldn't wait till after the elections.

We get flooded with US news down here. I think they think it takes the pressure off of our politicians. You have the Russians and we have the Chinese