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Question Regarding Rough Application OCC


Active Member
Hello, I am an attorney that is highly interested in pursuing a commission through the OCC Law program. I have already contacted a local OSO and I'm well on my way with my application.

I have a question, though. In the Rough Application, there's a question that asks:

"Have you ever been rejected for enlistment or induction into any
branch of the Armed Forces? If yes, provide the date, branch
and reason for rejection."

My two questions:
  1. Is there a difference between being "rejected" and simply not being selected?
  2. If merely not being selected for OCS counts for this question, then what do I write for the reason?
The Marine Corps was always my #1 choice, but for a while I did not think I could get in due to some medical issues (which I now know are easily waivable, but I didn't know that back then). So I applied for a Navy position a while back. I didn't get in, but they don't give you a reason. They just say "non-select." I was deemed medically fit, I greatly exceeded their academic and PT qualifications, and I've never had any issues with the law obviously. So it was certainly not a rejection for cause. The wording seems to imply "rejection for cause" since it asks for the reason.

My recruiter was shocked that I didn't get in, as I was objectively well above average compared to those selected. He figures it was just the luck of the draw (that Navy program only hires maybe 5% of applicants). Of course, I would far rather get into the Marine Corps if I can, so it could work out even better this way.