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OCS, Supply Corps August 10th board.

Luis A.

New Member
They just

They told me I won’t make it to this board.. took a while to get an appointment with my provider. Had to do a 2807-2. I didn’t do it because the checklist I said 2807-1 from NPC..

Looking at the bright side, I’ve submitted all my documents for the next board in Nov. Hopefully there’s no more hiccups on my application.

hello there, I was in the same situation, I am assuming my package went to this November board, but I have not here confirmation of that still. Also, do yall know how long does it take for results and how would they announce it for fleet applicatns..

Thank you all and good luck in your journey.


New Member
that is such a great idea, thank you so much for the information provided!!!!
I heard from the NRC that there will be an augment in the selectees this FY hence the best time to submit an application. Not to spoon feed you, but the result takes anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks once the board adjourned.

Luis A.

New Member
I appreciate your response, I did read some post and I also contacted the processor, got the same information.


Anyone have any updates? Haven’t heard any news from my OR.
Hey I was reading this thread, and stumbled on to your post. I'm curious, did you get accepted to OCS? I'm also 28, and I was told the age limit for Supply officer is 29. Any issue with age for you?