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Motorcycle riders thread


So no $hit there I was
Those BS regs are precisely why I only just took the course just a few years ago, (despite the fact that I've been riding for over 20 years.)


What, "no love" for the old-school things like the Triumph Bonneville? Sadly, the newly manufactured "Royal Enfield Classic Battle Green Bikes" are not legal in California…

They probably kill whales or California Condors or chase away the seals from the La Jolla Children's Pool…or some such thing. :(
If anyone is Hampton Roads is interested I saw this:


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Thread Rival:


Pictures of my T-45obogsisbroken project. Started with a 2012 Bonneville frame with a salvage title, found a Gsxr-750 fork for it that I was able to find the right sized steering stem bearings for. Picked a 865 motor out of a speedmaster (not the watch mad dog), which is a little torque-ier than the 360 crank configuration in the normal Bonneville line and dropped that in. Rear shocks are new bitubo's which came in today. I typo'd earlier and said the wheels are off a 600tt (the front brake rotors are 600tt/955i), they are actually the mag wheels off the tiger 1050 special edition. Trying to make sure I get the measurements right since I won't be able to use the bonneville or speedmaster sprocket carrier, and I am going to have to have a flange machined and welded to the rear hub to get the sprockets lined up right. I loved the thruxtons (I found a set of the CR Special carbs off a thruxton 900, but they're going to need a rebuild/rejet/tune) and I wanted a cafe racer styled bike, but I wanted to build this one myself. I couldn't find a bonneville that was in one piece at a price that I was okay hacking it up into a cafe build, so I ended up with this...

image1-2.JPG image2-2.JPGimage3.jpg


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That's awesome, I can't wait to see the finished product. I've always wanted to get a hardtail roller and build a bike from there, too. I need to get out and ride more but my registration has expired and I'm going to wait until I move to my next duty station. The next place I move to I want to have at least a two car garage so I can work on my car and have extra space. The nice thing about bikes is that you don't need much room.


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We ride Ducati’s, wife has a Monster 696 loves it, I have a 2007 Multistrada great bike, my son has a 2015 Multistrada. My son likes his, but he had a 2014 that was a lemon and got Ducati to exchange his for the newer one after a long fought battle.

Love to ride we do, my next bike will be a Yamaha FJR.?


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The almost final product. Still some things to work out but it’s finally on the road. Ended up going with a custom hub to fit the gsxr fork, which I’m happy with because it let me have laced wheels front and back. Back wheel is of a new 2017 bonneville that was crashed in a hurry, but the price was right and I had some new spokes made and completely relaced it. The rear drive is off a 675 Daytona I think. Finding a rear wheel and sprocket carrier that lined up was the biggest challenge and took some trial and error (if anyone is in need of wheel sets or sprocket carriers let me know I have a few hanging around). The seat I had made by a random company in Spain that I stumbled on. Picked up the CR Special Carbs from a dude in Australia, not quite sure what exactly they came off of but they were super cheap for CR’s. Had to modify a scrambler wiring harness to work with firing configuration of the speed master and hooked it up to a Procom programmable CDI. It’s powered by a 8 cell lithium racing battery that saved me some space. I was able I o conceal most of the electronics and wiring under the seat, the sacrifice being I only get about 6 cranks out of the battery before it’s out of juice. E1EAFFA4-5C09-4B8F-A3B9-BB12602BEEC9.jpeg4D391A4C-7E82-4727-BF03-2344A0D59251.jpeg84DD7B6C-DE24-424C-AE4D-1EBCEC16B12E.jpegStill needs a good tune and some details worked out back pretty happy with it.


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Thanks, appreciate it!

I am not, just ducati.org, northeast track riders, grassroots motorsports, and triumphrat. I haven't browsed around adventure riders yet.